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The forgotten garden of Eden

Praslin is the second largest of the Inner Islands of the Seychelles. It is an absolute must for every guest on Praslin to visit the Vallée de Mai, a unique natural reserve in the Eastern part of the Island. Well-kept paths will lead you through a flora, untouched for millions of years. The nature reserve was established about 40 years ago to protect the last 4000 pieces of the famous and legendary Coco-de-Mer palmtrees. In addition to the vegetation, the Black Parrots are especially fascinating and can be visited in their natural surroundings.


Flying lost over the ocean, the mountain peaks of the Seychelles rise out of the deep blue ocean, sorrounded by glittering reefs.

Every one of the islands is a green paradise,gray fields of granite and all surrounded by lonely white sand beaches. A soft tropical breeze gently stir the palm leaves and the jasmine trees give out their unique scent when the evening arrives and the sun paints the sky wonderful shades of violet and orange.

Silence all around, interrupted only by the sound of the local birds leaving their trees. Here it is very easy to believe that one has finally found paradise.

The Flora and Fauna on the islands are unique, and it is only here that one can find such a huge variety of local plants and animals. With a bit of luck it is possible to meet one of the giant tortoises, which roam freely on the island. The most famous plant of the Seychelles is the Coco de Mer, the round form of which, reminds one very much of the female form. This seems to be irrefutable proof that this was the location of paradise where Eve seduced Adam.

The word romance has been interpreted many times, but it is only when walking on a deserted beach of the Seychelles that a person truly begin to understand the real meaning of the world.

The Seychelles have a standard temperature between 28 and 30 the whole year round and the air humidity is about 80%. In the months from November to March there is slightly more rainfall due to the northwest monsoon, but there is neither a strong rain-time or cyclone type storms.

Paradise is closer than you think! Only a 9 hours flight divides Europe from the Seychelles. Therefore the islands are ideally suited for couples to have their honeymoon, who want dreamlike beaches and palm trees, but only have a few days to spend.